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Cats of Ephesus stroll through ruins, welcome tourists

Dating back to the third century B.C., the ancient city of Ephesus has hosted numerous civilizations throughout its history. But its newest residents are not people but cats – and there are lots of them. Located in modern-day İzmir on Turkey’s Aegean shores, Ephesus is a popular tourist destination and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. […]

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Excavations of Ephesus will continue

In 2016, the archeological excavations of Ephesus had been suspended by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, due to the request of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs, two months before the end of the excavation season. Excavations, which was led by Ass.Prof. Sabine Ladstatter, in the name of the Austria Institute of Archeology, had […]

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Virtual Tour to Ephesus


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